25 Mart 2012 Pazar


Media is like a spider web. It is getting wider day by day. Ithas many fractions nowadays. These many kinds of  fractions are like spider web on the media web. it is we 'Inception'.

And we are like spiders that trying to hold on that web. In our country, every person has a goal to success. No doubt, "being popular"is the most popular goal to go. Andy Warhol made criticism about being famous with this expression, "15 minutes of fame". And the media bosses know it very well. They know the necessities on TV screens and work for raising number of people who are addicted to TV screen.

How can they do that?

If we are looking for recent programs in our country, we can see that the producers have no original opinions, they are making people stupid with programs that fulfilled with more entertainment and less logic. This is not only making people stupid, also making people addictive to these programs.

And, what is it for? Rating of course!

The easiest way to getting rating is 'playing on audience`s heartstrings'. Also advertisers do it very well by using people's weakness on this way. The more they keep programs too long, the more they broadcast advertisement too much.

And finally, it does not detect the winner of this game clearly but the loser of this game is obvious:

We are.

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